Searching the auctions can be difficult if you aren't proficient in Japanese. Google translate can be helpful, but it's still a decade away from being able to translate Japanese to English in a truly accurate way. We thought it may be helpful to create a page with direct links to both categories and popular keywords. By clicking any of the links at the bottom of the page it will open a new window to the corresponding Yahoo Auctions page.

To make searching easier we have included popular keywords in the search box at the top of the Yahoo Auction page. In addition, we have set the items per page to 100 and we have selected the option to only show used parts. Any of these options can be changed or modified. Please refer to the screenshot at the bottom of this page.


 Wheels Tire & Wheel Sets Suspension Kits Footwork Aero Parts Mirrors
Taillights Headlights Nardi Wheels GT-R Seats Bride Seats Meters
Boost Controllers Intake Exhaust Cooling Differentials




 Silvia Skyline Kouki 180SX Nismo ARC HKS
Trust / Greddy  Blitz URAS A'PEXi  Tomei  SARD
Ikeya Formula Yashio Factory GP Sports Endless Mine's Cusco