Kansai Service BNR32 Skyline GT-R

This 1990 BNR32 Skyline GT-R is yet another collector’s quality example we’ve brought into stock. In 2004 it found it’s way into the ownership of Kansai Service (formerly HKS Kansai) as a completely stock GT-R. One of Japan’s most renowned tuners, Kansai Service put their skills to work and improved every aspect of its looks performance and condition. This is not a high-horsepower beast. This is an immaculate GT-R that is comfortable to drive and has all the right upgrades to put a big smile on the driver’s face.

Currently there are only 71,000 miles on the odometer. That comes out to a mere 2,840 miles per year. At 60,000 miles it received a full servicing from Kansai Service that included rebuilt turbochargers (upgraded internals), Nismo reinforced timing belt and new water and oil pumps. In October of 2015 it received a full high-end factory black respray. It literally looks like a brand new GT-R. In addition, Kansai Service sourced and installed a rare set of limited release R34 GT-R wheels that were only available on the midnight purple BNR34 Skyline.

The upgrades reflect Kansai Service’s core belief in building cars that are well-rounded and have no weaknesses. Every aspect of performance has been given attention. Upgrades include power adders from HKS and Fujitsubo, suspension from Nismo, Tein and Kansai Service’s own lineup, and braking upgrades from Dixcel and Kansai Service. In addition, to the upgrades they also replaced worn seals and molding with new parts from Nissan. The vast majority of parts and upgrades were installed at 60,000 miles.

This GT-R is currently in-stock at our partner Auto-Euphoria in Killeen, Texas. For more information please email us at sales@gtr-garage.com or contact Auto-Euphoria at 254-213-1484 to arrange a viewing or test-drive. This is undoubtedly be one of the nicest GT-Rs in the US so don’t hesitate and miss this one!

Price - $29,800


Rebuilt Turbos
Nismo Timing Belt
New Water Pump
New Oil Pump
HKS Racing Plugs
Koyo Radiator
HKS Hybrid Air Filter
HKS Front Pipe
Fujitsubo Legalis-R Revo Exhaust


Nismo Super Coppermix
Kansai Service Mission Member Collars
Nismo Clutch Fluid


Tein Advance Coilovers
Nismo Tension Rods
Nismo Upper Arms (R)
Tein Tower Bar (F)
Kansai Tower Bar (R)
Kansai Under Brace Set
Kansai Rear Rigid Collars


New Master Cylinder
New Brake Hoses
Kansai Service Brake Pads
Dixcel Slotted Brake Rotors

Interior / Exterior

Full Factory Re-Spray
New Projector Headlights
BNR34 Limited Wheels
Yokohama S-Drive Tires
New Dashboard
New Shift Panel
Kansai Service Floor Mats
Panasonic HDD Navigation