1990 Mazda FC3S RX-7 Infini Spec-III

This is officially the first RX-7 we've purchased and it's quite a cool and rare one. As an Infini Spec-3 it was one of only 600 produced and came from the factory with a bit more power (215HP vs. 205HP) along with some suspension upgrades, wider rear fenders and very cool full-bucket racing seats. This particular example has seen a few more upgrades to increase power, handling and definitely looks.

Overall this RX-7 is in great shape. The full metallic green respray is factory quality and includes all the jambs. There are a some chips in the paint that you'd expect from typical road use and the front bumper has a couple of cracks, but would be easy to repair. The engine starts, idles and boosts well. It had a factory-level overhaul (no porting) at 43,000 miles and now has 121,000 miles. The transmission shifts smoothly and the clutch does not slip and engages quickly.

This RX-7 is currently in the process of being prepared for export from our warehouse in Japan to the US. It will be imported into the US as a federally legal vehicle under the 25 year safety and emissions exemptions. For customers currently living or stationed in Japan please contact us for special pricing. For more information please email us at sales@gtr-garage.com. The price listed is the total cost imported through a major US port closest to you and ready for pickup. We can arrange transport by open or enclosed vehicle carrier from port to your home for an additional fee.

Price - $9,800 Imported


HKS Air Cleaner
RE Intercooler
Stainless Full Exhaust
Koyo Radiator
SARD Breather Tank
HKS Circle Earth
Radiator Diversion Pane


OS Giken Clutch
Mazdaspeed 1.5way LSD
Mazdaspeed Clutch Fluid


JIC Magic Coilovers
Front Tower Bar
Acre Brake Rotors
Acre Brake Pads


Full Green-Metallic Respray
Mazdaspeed Full Aero
Ganador Mirrors
Raybrig Headlights
Work VS-XX Wheels


Momo Steering Wheel
Drift Button
Infini Full-Bucket Seats
Billion Fan Controller
RE Amemiya Boost Meter

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