This monster January 1991 BNR32 Skyline GT-R was built by legendary tuning house FEAST and has been built from the ground up resulting in a true super car. Using only high-end parts from the best manufacturers in Japan the power, handling and braking performance have all been greatly increased. Considering the baseline they started from they have certainly created a beast that can tear an R35 GT-R apart in competition for literally half the price.

With only 74,000 original miles on the body it hasn't seen much road time after 24 years. The major tuning work started after 55,000 miles. The factory RB26 was pulled and overhauled using internal components from Trust, Tomei and Nismo with displacement being bumped up to 2.7L. The motor is fed by an HKS T04R turbocharger and is controlled by an HKS FCON-V Gold and makes a massive 680HP. To get power to the ground the factory transmission was replaced with a BNR34 Getrag 6-speed with an HKS twin plate clutch and Nismo 2-way LSD. The suspension upgrades include Aragosta coilovers with Swift springs and Top Secret, Nagisa Auto and Cusco arms and links. Braking upgrades feature AP Racing calipers and rotors as well as APP steel braided lines. The upgrades are extensive so please refer to the spec list below for full details.

In terms of condition this GT-R is in excellent shape. The interior and exterior are nearly flawless and it is a rust free chassis. The interior is immaculate and has managed the typical "bubble-dash" problem Skylines are plagued with. While the engine makes a massive amount of power it was mapped very well and is very driveable. Despite the fact that it has been built to perform like a race-car power steering, A/C and heat are all retained and operate well.

This GT-R  will be available for import into the US as a Federally Legal vehicle after January 1st, 2016. Until its is ready for export it will be stored at our facilities in Japan at no additional charge. We HIGHLY recommend that the buyer fly to Japan to take this GT-R to the track at least one time to experience what it is capable of on a major track. We can make all these arrangements. The listed price includes the cost of the car, export fees, ocean freight (via car carrier) and import fees. The buyer would simply need to travel to port in Tacoma, Oakland, Long Beach, Galveston, Jacksonville, Baltimore or New York and pick up the vehicle. For an additional fee we can also have it transported from port to your home address. For more information please send us an email us at sales@gtr-garage.com.


$29,900 IMPORTED



BNR34 Getrag 6-Speed Transmission
Trust 87mm Forged Pistons
Forged & Balanced Connecting Rods
Balanced Crankshaft
HKS Oil Pump
Tomei Oil Pan Baffle
HKS Step 2 Cams
HKS Slide Cam Pulleys
HKS Valve Springs
Ported Intake/Exhaust Ports
Bronze Valve Guides
Valve Polishing
Nismo Surge Tank
HKS T04R Turbocharger (3,000km)
HKS Stainless Exhaust Manifold
HKS Racing Wastegate
Trust 3-Layer Intercooler
HKS Intercooler Piping
HKS 15-Row Oil Cooler
Trust 3-Layer Radiator
Trust Radiator Hose
ATTKD Oil Catch Tank
SARD 720cc Fuel Injectors
Trust Fuel Rail
SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator
SARD Fuel Pump x3
One-Off Fuel Collector Tank
HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner
One-Off Suction Pipe
One-Off Front Pipe
HKS Exhaust
Nismo G-Max Twin Plate Clutch
Nismo 2-Way LSD


Aragosta Coilovers
Swift Springs
Cusco Pillow Tension Rods
Top Secret Front Upper Links
Nagisa Auto Pillow Upper Links
Cusco Rear Upper Arms
Cusco Lower Arms
Cusco Front Tower Bar
Cusco Rear Tower Bar
Nagisa Auto Frame Braces
Rear Member Brace Welding
Essential HICAS Cancel Rod
AP Racing Front Brake Calipers
Brembo Rear Brake Calipers
Dixcel Front Rotors
AP Racing Rear 2-Piece Rotors
APP Steel Braided Brake Lines
N1 Brake Master Cylinder
Nismo LM-GT4 Wheels (18x10.5 +15)
Dunlop Direzza DZ192 (265/35/18)


Safety21 6-Point Roll Cage
Trust Profec-B Boost Controller
Trust Boost Meter
Trust Water Temp Meter
Trust Oil Temp Meter
Trust Oil Pressure Meter
Trust EGT Meter
Field E-TS Controller (Torque-Split)
Billion VFC-Pro Electric Fan Controller
Pivot Turbo Timer
ATC Steering Wheel
Works Bell Rapfix Quick Release
Nismo Floor Mats
Impul Shift Knob
Bride Zeta III Full Bucket Seat
Bride Super Low Seat Rail
Superior Carbon Shift Boot
Superior Carbon Side Brake Boot
Nismo N1 Bumper
Nismo Hood Molding
Nismo Rear Spoiler
Trust Rear Under Spoiler
N1 HID Headlights
LED Taillights