Run-Free AE86 Levin 3-Door

Despite our name the AE86 Toyota Levin and Trueno (Hachi-Roku) holds a special place in our heart. When we were offered this great example there was no way we could pass on it. In the world of Hachi-Rokus this one maintains rare air as a cool looking drift-spec machine that is also in great condition inside and out. This isn't an abused rust bucket, but a drift machine that we've been told on multiple occasions is "too nice" to drift. Despite those claims, it is definitely ready for action.

With only 58,000 original miles on the body, this AE86 has seen very little road time. That comes out to a mere 1,933 miles per year. That helps explain why it is such great condition, but we're still a bit surprised at the straight frame and pinch rails considering this car was drifted. Two years ago the entire car was stripped bare and completely resprayed in red pearl found on the Mazda RX-8. In addition they did some old-school JDM chassis reinforcement in the form of rivets around the door frames and engine room. A Safety21 7-point bolt in cage was installed as well for an additional reduction in chassis flex and a step up in safety. The interior carpeting and sound deadening have been removed, but the front and rear seats remain along with the center console and a rare uncracked dash. The door panels have also been maintained along with the power windows, which work flawlessly. Everything was done correctly including utilizing a GT-V manual rack to eliminate the power steering. The engine room is immaculate with tucked wiring for a cleaner look. The high-comp 4AGE was recently overhauled and features a nice assortment of upgrades to bump up the power output and increase reliability.

In terms of condition this AE86 is in great shape. As you would expect on a drift car there is a bit of body damage in the form of a cracked front bumper and front corner of the hood. It is easy to drive and not rough like some of the other AE86s we've been in. The engine revs quickly and easily and the transmission shifts smoothly. There absolutely no mechanical or electrical issues. This one is about as solid as they come. Finding an AE86 in this condition has become a very hard task these days and finding one with these upgrades at this price is next to impossible. This AE86 is currently in stock at our Portland shop and was imported in August of 2015 as a 100% Federall Legal vehicle. The buyer will receive all supporting documentation relating to the importation. 

$9,800 @ GTR-Garage Portland



Hi-Comp 4AGE
Octopus Manifold
Stainless Exhaust
HKS Air Cleaner
TRD Plugs/Wires
Koyo Radiator
TRD Clutch
TRD 1.5 Way LSD
GT-V Manual Rack


Cusco Coilovers (Front)
GAB Dampers (Rear)
GAB Springs (Rear)
Tower Bar (Front)
Tower Bar (Rear)
Winmax Brake Pads
Chassis Riveting
Safety 21 7-Point Roll Cage


Run Free Aero Kit
TRD Rear Spoiler
J-Blood Carbon Hood
FC Aero Mirrors
Wise Square Crystal Taillights
14'' Rays TE37 Wheels
Bride Brix Semi-Bucket Seat
Razo Shift Knob
Omori Oil Temp Meter
Drift Button
Omori Steering Wheel

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