Run-Matsuo "Touge Series" - Imose no Taki


The first release in the Run-Matsuo "Touge Series" of stickers! Imose no Taki (Imose Waterfalls) is a legendary touge located in Hatsukaichi, just outside of Hiroshima. It has a storied history and has continually been a popular run for the local drifters and grippers. Notably it was the run where the D1GP legend Nobuteru Taniguchi got his start behind the wheel of his Afterfire AE86. Today an AE86 still runs Imose at daring speeds, but this one is piloted by the infamous Sato Hirozaku from Bad Quality/Review. This sticker is 3"x10" in size and printed on high-quality automotive vinyl. 

  • Click here for Taniguchi footage from Imose!
  • Click here to check out Imose on Google Maps
  • Click here for Google Street View at Imose
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